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Tool Kits

Before putting together a tool kit you must decide what it is for. Is it just to take up space, you have no idea what any of that stuff is for and figure nothing will ever happen and if it does you will just call for help? Do you want to get back home after simple problems that even a klutz could fix? Do you do more extensive traveling and need to be able to get back to "civilization" from wherever? Do you feel you need to be able to completely rebuild the bike if necessary? There are levels of tool-kit capability and levels of completeness. Basically it goes from cheap, minimal to expensive, comprehensive. I have several levels I use.

Everyday, local tool kit

I have several bikes and each bike carries a "basic" tool kit. this includes the manufacturer provided tool kit, any other tools needed to tighten available fasteners and appropriate fuses for that bike. Also included are some ty wraps, duct tape and a tire patch kit. This is the around town local tool kit. With this kit and a cell phone I can, usually get back home. It is good for blown fuses, falls where I need to re-attach some bike bits, and the ability to tighten loose connectors and plug a flat. No air supply for the plug kit because there are usually gas stations around with air. If the bike has a chain drive I include the tools necessary for chain adjustment. Not to much but then I am around my local area and it doesn't take much. This kit is on every bike all the time. No thought involved.

The tool kits provided for the Concours consist of:

C10 Tool Kit

  • Part#               Part
  • 52005-1142     GAUGE,AIR,350KPA/50PSI
  • 56007-1451     TOOL-KIT
  • 56008-006       BAG,TOOL
  • 56019-120       THREE BOND TB1211,HT/RS,WHITE
  • 92104-1003     GASKET-LIQUID,TUBE,100G,BLACK
  • 92106-1001     GRIP-SCREW DRIVER
  • 92107-1002     TOOL-DRIVER,#3PHILLIPS
  • 92107-1052     TOOL-DRIVER,#2PHILLIPS
  • 92110-1015     TOOL-WRENCH,ALLEN,5MM
  • 92110-1038     TOOL-WRENCH,OPEN END,10X12
  • 92110-1045     TOOL-WRENCH,OPEN END,14X17
  • 92110-1134     TOOL-WRENCH,BOX,18MM
  • 92110-1140     TOOL-WRENCH,ALLEN,3MM
  • 92112-003       TOOL-PLIERS
  • 92127-003       TOOL-WRENCH,ALLEN,6MM

C14 Tool Kit

  • Part#            Part
  • 56007-0030     TOOL-KIT
  • 56008-1075     BAG,TOOL
  • 92104-0004     GASKET-LIQUID,TB1211F
  • 92104-1062     KAWASAKI BOND TB1215,
  • 92106-1001     GRIP,SCREW DRIVER
  • 92107-1002     TOOL-DRIVER,#3PHILLIP
  • 92107-1052     TOOL-DRIVER
  • 92110-1015     WRENCH,ALLEN
  • 92110-1038     TOOL-WRENCH,OPEN END
  • 92110-1153     TOOL-WRENCH,OPEN END,
  • 92110-1132     TOOL-WRENCH
  • 92110-1174     TOOL-WRENCH,BOX,8MM
  • 92110-3703     TOOL-WRENCH,ALLEN,4MM
  • 92126-001       WRENCH,OPEN,8X10
  • 92127-003       WRENCH,ALLEN,6MM

Basic Extras

  • Fuses, 20amp, 15 amp, 10 amp
  • Tire Plug kit, I use the string kind
  • Tye (nylon) wraps, several sizes
  • small roll of duct tape
  • Allen wrench for tupperware, 4mm

Day Ride Tool Kits

The next level up is for local multi-day or more extensive single day trips. Usually I am within a days ride of home, but may be out in the sticks where cell phone coverage and easily available help are not so near. In addition to the above I also carry an air supply. For me it is an electric air pump. It could also be a foot pump or the co2 cartridge system. If you cannot get your bike onto the centerstand, nothing to be ashamed of, take a 6" piece of 1X4 and you too will be able to use the center stand. To augment the basic kit of wrenches I also include a small socket set including 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, and 17mm sockets. A couple of sizes of hose clamps, some electrical crimp on connectors and some misc. fasteners, Concours fairing screws and nuts, Honda plastic rivets, that kind of thing. There are not a lot of them so the expanded kit carries spare fasteners for all the bikes. A set of ball headed allen wrenches, because I needed them once and there they are, good for draining carbs. I also carry the appropriate repair manual, or at least an electrical diagram. I will include a small set of jumper cables and a small siphon system for fuel. I also carry a couple of pairs of rubber gloves, a rag and a tube of hand cleaner. I have a sub-kit of chain cleaning/lubing stuff for the bikes with chain drive. If I need to buy something on the road it gets included, so this system gets expanded a bit, though I do go through periodically and clean the kit out. The idea of this kit is to get home. Not necessarily with the bike. I can come back and pick it up. So if I can get to where I can get some help I am good. If I can actually fix the problem that is a bonus.

Added Stage 2 Items

  • Air Supply, electric, manual, co2
  • 3/8" Driver with 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm Sockets
  • Hose clamps, various
  • Electrical crimp connectors
  • Repair manual and/or electrical diagram
  • Misc fasteners
  • Set of metric ball headed allen wrenches
  • 6" piece of 1X4 wood
  • Jumper Cables
  • Siphon kit
  • Latex gloves
  • hand cleaner
  • Chain cleaner and lube, for bikes with chain drive
  • Cell phone
  • Emergency foot peg (from Murph Kits)
  • Emergency Foot Peg C10


For longer trips where I am far from home for an extended period the first thing to add is the COG member directory. It is always good to be able to get help. For tools I will add a 27mm, 1 1/6", socket so I can get the rear wheel off and a 12mm allen for the front wheel. I have one that is used with a 3/8" drive. So for whatever bike you are on take the tools for wheel removal. If you need a new tire you can sometimes get better service and always get a cheaper deal if you take your own wheel off of the bike. It is also often easier to take a wheel in to be repaired than the entire bike. Hitchhiking with a wheel is easier than hitchhiking with a bike. I don't carry a bunch of spares because they can usually be purchased locally. There are some specialty parts that you could carry if you are really concerned. For the most part I am not. Some people carry wheel bearing, and have carried them for years. If this is a major concern you might just install the spare ones the next time the wheel is off and then you don't have to worry for a while, getting worried then change them. Some people only feel comfortable if they have every spare and every tool they can think. If you want to carry pounds and pounds of stuff that's fine, maybe I can borrow something ;-) . I don't feel the need. When I traveled through Central America I found it good to carry some of the consumables I needed. Oil filters and such because they were difficult for me to get. I also carried a spare clutch cable, and a spare set of brake pads and front seals for the KLR forks because they are prone and hard to get. Did need the filters didn't need the others.

Remember as well as your bike you may need first aid. Take a first aid kit. Think road rash, sprains, broken bones. Loose coverings, ACE bandages and the like. Take some pain killers, at least Aspirin, Ibuprofen or such.

If you are traveling on a chain driven bike an extra master link is nice. Be sure you have the tools to install the master link. A chain breaker is good if you have a riveted chain. A chain press is also good to have. I had to replace a chain when I was on the road and all went well until installing the master link. With the modern X and O chains it is no easy task to get the sides pressed on correctly. Finally got it with a vice grip and C clamp. Trust me the chain press is easier.

Stage 3 extras

  • COG member directory!!!!
  • 27mm (1 1/16") socket and 1/2" to 3/8" adapter
  • 12mm allen
  • A repair manual if you didn't put one in the stage 2 kit
  • Spare master link, chain breaker, riveter, and link press for chain driven bikes

              C10 Front Wheel Socket  Electrical Tester


You may want to upgrade the quality of the tools in the basic manufacturers tool kit. They are not of the best quality, but they will do. The above kits are kind of minimilist kits. If you want more then go ahead, but remember the weight and the cost. I included a small 1/4" socket set with the basic kit of one bike because I had the room and it did make some things easier. Remember these tools tend to be lightly used unless they are your primary tools. The basic kit shouldn't be because it SHOULD STAY ON THE BIKE.

Article By: Chris Pearsall

November 2009

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