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Over the Pond 2015

Over the Pond (“OtP”) is now 13 years old, and it’s getting BETTER!!!!

Here’s the story; “13” years ago,,, The “OtP” story unofficially began. "Boomer" (from the UK) was considering the idea of traveling to the COG National in the USA. Boomer was a good Forum Friend of many COGgers. Because of that friendship, his Friends were discussing the idea of helping him make the trip. The decision was made, and Boomer made his trip to Klamath Falls for the COG National. "The traveler idea was born"!

At about the same time: Hans-ove Gortz of the GTR Club Europe "GCE", had an “Inspiration”. Why not send someone across the Atlantic each year? He contacted me (Ted Adcock) and Spencer Farrow. The OtP Team was formed and we (with a LOT of help from COG and GCE members) started working to send Travelers “Over the Pond. Later Harry Martin came and Jim Culp came aboard. (and probably others that I forget to mention at this time) Our First “OtP” Traveler was Guy Young. After Guys Trip the “OtP” Team put on “OtP” 10 more times. Unfortunately, after 11 successful Trips, “OtP” was on its last leg. World economy, new membership (that didn’t know about OtP), cost of sending the Travelers, and a weary “OtP” Team, had taken its toll. It looked like the “OtP” party was over.

And NOW, “the Rest of the Story”… (“OtP” is getting Better) Early in 2013 the Board Members of COG contacted Hans, the “OtP” Team, and GCE. The idea was to make “OtP” an official COG event.

The good news is: It’s Official!! “OtP” is now an official COG/GCE event!

This year, for “OtP XIII” (2015), we plan to assist “1”, (possibly “2”) "OtP" Travelers in their "ride of a lifetime".  They will travel to Europe to ride with our Sister Club (GCE) to ride their Rally in the Netherlands'..

To accomplish this, we need your help. We need DONATIONS, Bikes, Housing, DONATIONS, Routes, Guides, DONATIONS, assistance with planning, and another 100 or so things.

As you can see, we mostly need DONATIONS to make this work. Any amount you can give will help us reach our goal...

The question is: Will you help us make “OtP XIII” – 2015 possible?

So, IT’s up to you. With your continued support, it can happen!

You have 2 options to donate funds:-

click on the following Orange Donate button below, if that does nor work you can login to your PayPal account and send your
donation to to 

If you want to pay by Credit Card via COGMOS

Please use the grey "I Would Like to Donate Now" button at the bottom of this page 

Note that in both cases it will be the net funds after any transaction fees that will be received by the OTP team.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Ride safe, Ted

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