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Air Filter Maintenance

Here's where the filter resides; just remove the two Philips screws.


Once you open things up, pull out this long plastic thing - god only knows what the technical name is.
This is what mine looked like before its last cleaning.
That oil just attracted a shit load of road grit. Sure wouldn't want that finding its way into the carbs. Get your hand and a clean rag in there and get that crap outta there.

The manual (page 2-13) says to clean the filter in a bath of high flash-point solvent ( something that won't blow your ass off when you smoke while cleaning thing ). Then dry it with compressed air or by shaking it. If you put it in a bath, don't mix the solvent around so that the dirt that comes off the outside gets onto the inside. If you use compressed air, be very careful to keep the pressure low. And blow from the inside out; you don't want to drive that road crap into the filter, you want to drive it out.

Have you heard of this great maintenance tip from John Wagner ?:  "When cleaning the foam air cleaner use Gojo type cream hand cleaner rather than nasty solvents. It's much more friendly to the foam and your hands.  Rinse thoroughly with hot water, let dry and apply 30w oil. Added benefit;  the air filter will also last longer."

Once I cleaned my filter, they is what I sprayed on it

Final note : I put a little RTV on the screws when I put the cover back on. Any place where Locktite isn't called for, I put on a bit of RTV to stop things from shaking loose.

Article By: David J. Morrow

August 2001

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